Monday, 5 December 2016

Gifted - an Exhibition at Makers Gallery

Summer in Australia has well and truly arrived, bringing searing temperatures and violent tropical storms. These usually hit in the late afternoon, when black clouds gather and the strong winds begin to blow. 

When I left home on Saturday afternoon to see an exhibition of ceramics at the Makers Gallery, I could see the storm clouds building but I decided to go anyway. 

I was so pleased I did – it is an inspiring collection of work by many artists, one of whom is my friend Martha Zettler. I was too busy chatting and enjoying the artwork to take any photos. 

Here is one of Martha’s pieces which I am lucky enough to own.

Porcelain Vessel - Martha Zettler 
If you're in the Brisbane area the show is well worth a visit and you might even be able to cross some items off your Christmas gift list. The Gallery is open daily until Christmas Eve. 

Here's a link to Makers Gallery Facebook page where you will find details about the exhibition.

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Visiting my Paintings

I've written about my paintings being hung in different places, one of which is in the house of a friend. The house is up for sale - the agent is another friend, Mary Di Marco from Madeleine Hicks Real Estate. 

I had seen photos on the agency website but I was eager to see the paintings in situ. I called around on Monday. What a beautiful home! It's light and airy and the rooms are spacious, with amazingly shiny floors which help reflect the light.

I love seeing my work on the walls of people's homes, it's where a painting belongs. These paintings look as though they were painted for the house - the colours couldn't have been better chosen. 

If you're in the Brisbane area and you're looking for a wonderful house in the lovely suburb of Upper Kedron, perhaps this is the house for you? 

Here are some of my photos - and, I confess, the focus is primarily on the paintings...

Still - oil on linen

Magnolias - oil on canvas

Strata - oil on canvas

Bark II - oil on canvas

Red Roses I & II - oil on canvas

 Orchids in a Bucket - oil on canvas

The Cliff - oil on canvas 

Monday, 21 November 2016

New things and old problems

I love technology as much as the next person but sometimes it can make you a little crazy - particularly when you try to fix a problem and a raft of new and different ones appear along the way. It's a bit like a game of dominos - upset one and the whole lot comes crashing down.

My old laptop had given me six year's worth of trouble free service, but as software develops and changes, the old machine just couldn't cope. My computer guy, clever as he is, made it a bit better, and slightly faster, but in the end when I downloaded new design software the laptop refused to play. 

All went well until I tried to install the printer driver - somehow a glitch occurred and I could not shut the machine down. Eventually, I managed to reboot successfully and install the updated driver.

Then I get a message - printer not found. Sigh.
Well, please don't laugh, but somehow the cable had become detached. Once reconnected, everything worked perfectly.
However, something else was beeping intermittently. I couldn't hear where it was coming from, everything seemed connected. Then I noticed the phone plug was loose.
Plugged in the plug.
Beeping stopped.

Just in case you think I'm not painting - here's a small crop of a landscape in progress...

Cullum Panorama cropped - oil on canvas